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How much do your cakes cost?
All of my cakes are bespoke and therefore the prices vary widely depending on flavours, level of detail of decoration etc.  Please get in touch via the Enquiries page for a quote.
However, please see my Prices page for baseline/starting prices as guidance.

How can I pay for my cake?
I accept cash, cheque (in advance) or direct bank transfer. A 50% non-refundable and non-transferable deposit will be required to secure your booking, and full payment must be made no later than 28 days before cake collection. Payment by PayPal may be possible, although there will be a small additional charge to cover my admin costs of this method.

Why do you use madeira cakes instead of Victoria Sponge?
I use a madeira recipe as it is a denser cake than a fluffy Victoria Sponge which, whilst tasty, just doesn't hold the weight of sugarpaste and any decoration very well.  The madeira recipe is butter rich which keeps it moist and helps it to keep a bit longer. It is also suitable for carved cakes.  Similarly, my chocolate cakes are denser in texture than sponge.

How much notice do you need for a cake?
At least six weeks’ notice is required for a fruit cake, two weeks for any other type of cake.  However, my order book often gets filled up many weeks in advance (particularly around peak summer wedding season and also at Christmas), so please contact me early to avoid disappointment.  
I handmake everything myself, and the quality of my work is very important to me – I do not wish to sacrifice quality for quantity.  I also pride myself on making my celebration cakes from fresh when they are required, rather than use cakes that I have frozen.  Therefore I take on only a limited number of commissions per week to maintain my current high standards.

I have a crazy idea for a cake design – can you do it?!
I love a challenge, and you should be assured that no cake theme is too random!  If a cake is technically possible, and is not in bad taste, I will certainly have a go!  You will see from my portfolio that I have worked with many diverse themes, from meerkats to motorbikes, cats to carpentry – not to mention “One Man and His Dog”!
I’d be happy to chat with you about your cakey ideas, just get in touch via the enquiry page.

I have seen a picture of my dream cake – can you recreate it?
Whilst I prefer not to copy other people’s designs, I recognise that sometimes you have your heart set on a particular design that you may have seen in a magazine etc.  
If this is the case, I can sometimes try to recreate that for you.  However, please note that whilst I will stay as closely as possible to a basic design provided (within reason), I reserve the right to use some artistic licence as I see fit depending on cake design and materials/equipment available.  I therefore do not guarantee that I will produce an identical cake to a picture provided (even a photo of one of my own previous cakes).

Help! (Part 1) – I need a cake but have no idea what sort of design!
Panic not!  Part of my role is to collaborate with you to get the cake of your dreams – even if when you start off you don’t quite know what that dream is!  I’m happy to make suggestions and work with you to try to give you some ideas, or you can view my full portfolio for inspiration!

Help! (Part 2) - I have no idea how big my cake needs to be!
Please see the guidance on cake sizes and portions. This will give you an initial idea, however I am happy to discuss your cake needs with you to provide further guidance.
The portion guide assumes that the cake will be cut into slices as a grid, rather than into triangles.  This maximises the portions.  A square cake will provide more slices than a round cake.

What flavours do you offer?
I offer a wide range of flavours for my celebration cakes, details can be found here.
Cookies are currently only available as “Nice ‘n’ Spicy Gingerbread”.

I’m having a tiered cake.  Can I have different flavours for different tiers?
Absolutely!  It gives your guests more choice. Remember that the larger the tier, the more slices you will get out of it - therefore you might wish to consider having the larger tiers as the more “crowd-pleasing” flavours. If you require fruit cake, it isn’t always necessary for a fruit tier to go at the bottom - please discuss your requirements with me.

Do you do wedding favours?
I offer decorated gingerbread cookies as wedding favours, see the Cookies page for inspiration!

Do you make cake toppers without me ordering a cake?
Yes – please get in touch with your requirements.  I would ask for a minimum of 3-4 weeks’ notice, in case I need to order in specialist materials (particularly if topper is to be posted).
Keepsake cake toppers can be personalised and make a lovely memento of a special occasion.

Do you do mail order?
I do make certain styles of cake toppers to send by mail order (in particular scooters and other vehicles), please email me with your requirements.  Toppers to be posted are made from a non-toxic but non-edible modelling paste, suitable for use on cakes. Please note however that I do not currently make models of human figures for mail order as I find that the non-edible paste does not give me the fine finish for facial features etc that I can achieve in sugar. Bride and groom figures etc are therefore currently made for collection only.

I do not currently send any cakes/cupcakes through the post as they would crush and spoil in the usual postal channels.  I am sometimes able to make courier delivery arrangements within mainland UK with a tried and tested courier, this is at additional cost to the customer and is based on mileage from York – please ask for details if you are interested.

Would you decorate a cake that I have made?  
It depends what is required.  I do make bespoke/personalised novelty cake toppers which I would be happy to supply.  I may also agree to make a sugar flower arrangement for your cake, depending on what is required.  
However, I do not generally accept requests to cover/decorate other people’s cakes.  For food safety and insurance reasons I need to be able to trace the source of my ingredients, which is only possible if I make the cakes myself.  I also know which of my tried and tested recipes are suitable for my designs – I need to know that cakes are “structurally sound”!

Would you decorate a plain celebration cake that I have purchased in a shop?
No, I’m afraid that I do not generally offer this service either.  Shop-bought celebration cakes are often a lot shallower than my cakes and therefore do not have the decorative surface space that I would expect of a cake, nor in many cases do they have the professional finish that I would require.  They also frequently come with piped icing which is hard to remove.  
However, I do make bespoke/personalised cake toppers, which I would be happy to supply as an alternative for you to put on top of your shop-bought cake.

Do you provide candles?

Do you provide cake stands and/or cake knives?
Cake stands/knives are not included in the cost of the cake.  In the case of wedding cakes, most reception venues can supply a cake stand and a ceremonial knife – you should check with your wedding planner or with the venue direct.
I also have a small selection of pedestal stands, cupcake towers etc that are available for hire for a small charge, depending on availability - please ask for details.  A damages deposit will also be required.
If you have a particular stand type in mind for the display of your cake, I would be happy to assist you to source it, although the cost of purchase/hire of the stand would be your responsibility.

Do you have a shop?
Not at the moment!  I work from my home kitchen, which has been inspected by the Food & Safety Unit of City of York Council for the purposes of food standards/food safety and has been awarded the highest rating in the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme.
Consultations, collection of orders etc are by appointment only.

Do you offer gluten-free cakes?
I offer adapted versions of my chocolate cake, banana & walnut cake and also the gingerbread cookies as a version made with no gluten containing ingredients (sometimes known as "NGCI"). Please contact me to discuss your requirements further.

What about cakes for those with nut or other allergies?
If you or any of your guests have a specific dietary requirement, then please get in touch with me before ordering to discuss your requirements further.

Can I have a royal iced cake rather than sugarpaste?
Whilst my preferred medium is sugarpaste, I have also made royal iced cakes in the past.  Please contact me with your requirements.  Note this is for fruit cakes only.
Please note that there is an increased cost associated with royal iced cakes given that it is a much more laborious process than covering a cake with sugarpaste.

Do you give tuition?
I do not give regular public classes, but I do offer bespoke one-to-one sessions on an ad-hoc basis, where a mutually convenient date can be found. The benefit of one-to-one is that the class is tailored to the needs of the individual student - I have offered a general “Foundation Day” course in basic sugarcraft skills (covering cakes for a skilled finish; simple piping skills etc); or very bespoke classes concentrating on a particular flower or foliage that a student wishes to master. Classes focusing on cupcake decoration and simple modelling would also be possible. Classes are held in my kitchen in York and are priced depending on individual requirements (materials required and length of time involved).  Please contact me for details if you are interested, setting out what you would like to learn.

I have also given skills demonstrations at both private group functions and public events - please contact me if this is of interest.

Is your business registered with the local council for food hygiene purposes?
Yes.  My kitchen has been inspected to the satisfaction of the Food & Safety Unit of City of York Council.  My business was qualified as “Low Risk” under the old “Scores on the Doors” system, and I have been awarded 5 Stars (the highest rating) in the current Food Hygiene Rating Scheme.
I hold a Level 2 Award in Food Safety in Catering from the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, and have also completed the Food Standards Agency Food Allergy Online Training course.
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