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Bespoke Weddings by Cakes by No More Tiers

Whether you want classic sugar flowers, a stylish contemporary design or an alternative off-the-wall novelty cake, let me work with you to create your dream wedding cake!

I’d love to meet you for a consultation to brainstorm ideas to design a cake as unique as you are. Have a look at my wedding cake portfolio and pricing and portion information below to get you started.

Email me at with your enquiries and to arrange a free consultation (cake tasting also possible at a small charge to cover costs, deductible from cake price if you then place an order).

To give a quote, I’ll need to know as a minimum:

It also helps to know broadly what sort of style of cake design you are favouring, although I can of course guide you through this!

I also provide bespoke decorated gingerbread cookies - these are individually wrapped and are perfect as wedding favours.

Check out my links page for some excellent wedding supplier ideas.

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All of my cakes are priced individually depending on the nature of the specific design brief. However, to assist you to get an idea for certain typical sizes and configurations of tiered cakes, as well as portion yield, I have set out below some baseline prices for the simplest designs of wedding cake (prices subject to change):

*Estimated portion sizes above are based upon the industry standard of a 2” x 1” portion for sponge cake flavours, and a smaller 1” x 1” finger portion for fruit cakes, as cut at most professional venues. If you require a larger “tea-time” wedge slice, please let me know so that I can adjust the cake sizes accordingly.

These are baseline minimum costs for very simple designs. The sorts of things that increase cake costs quite quickly are the following:

However, there are several ways of adapting a wedding cake style to create a cake perfect for your occasion whilst still managing your budget - I’d be happy to meet with you to discuss how this can be achieved without breaking the bank!

Round cake tier sizes (diameter in inches / “)

Estimated portion yield *

Prices from (£)

6” / 8” / 10”



4” / 6” / 8” / 10”



6” / 8” / 10” / 12”

120 - 128


4” / 6” / 8” / 10” / 12”

126 - 134